Tuesday, 1 December 2009

dark fairy book

first of all i just want to say sorry about the pics not being the correct way tried to rotate them but without success.
I made this book for my friends daughter she asked me for somthing vampireish and i didnt really have owt so thought if i stamped some fairys and coloured in dark clours it mite work.
well i think it did and was very pleased with the result it may have taken a long time to do but it was worth it trouble was i liked it too much that i wanted to keep it and couldnt i didnt even have anymore of the papers i used left and cannot remember where i got them from.but at least i got the pics to look at lol.
I distressed the backing papers and embossed in black powder the birds.I stamped the fairys coloured with my pro markers cut them out and stuck them in the book.I also made a couple of pages with tags on as she didnt want it say happy birthday on the book so she could keep it up in her room.


  1. Brilliant Jayne, you are doing some lovely things

  2. thanks Dot and welcome to my blog xxxx

  3. Looks great, Jayne but it would be so much nicer the right way up :)

    Send the photos to me and I'll rotate them for you if you like?

  4. they are the right way up on my computer so dont know why they keep coming on here this way got to be somthing i am dong lol thanks for nice comments xxx

  5. They are fine the way they are so stop worrying - gives me chance to exercise my neck! Love those images - whose are they?

    She must have loved receiving this - it is lovely.

  6. Loving these cards Jayne! Not to worry about the pictures, it seems impossible in Blogger to sort anything like this out; don't know how you've managed to get pictures like this in a line. Well done,speak soon. Hugs :-)