Saturday, 12 December 2009

polooza for auntie Jen

it is Auntie jens birthday on 15.12.09 so Grandma and i thought it would be nice to her a polooza about her and her dad all the things they love doing as sadly Jens dad is no longer with us but  is always in spirit.we thought she would enjoy this as it brings her dad in to the celebrations of her birthday im sure she will love looking at it and seeing all the different things that her dad and herself love doing.
happy birthday Jen sending you hugs xxx



  1. That is so lovely Jayne, so touching, I'm sure she'll love it... and you made a lovely job of it.
    Jo x

  2. You have made a brill job of this - she will love it. How many have you done now?
    Glad you found the workshop so useful.

  3. Love this Jayne you have put a lot of hard work into it

  4. Wonderful piece of Art,the detail and hard work shows. Sure Auntie enjoyed her pressie :-) Hugs x